Why Treppy products are the best

One of the regular quality checks found 1 win that the product Dremy plus 2 crib with serial number 1900005BA2 did not comply with the EN716 standard. You can also return the product without submitting an invoice. The serial number is located at the bottom of the crib. You can call tel. +43 720 880 620 or write to [email protected]. We apologize for the inconvenience and kindly ask for your understanding.

High Quality - 10 Year Warranty

Your child's safety is the most important thing for us.
Treppy highchairs are made from high quality materials.
Each element is carefully selected.

100% Safety - TÜV Safety Tested

Treppy products are tested for mechanical and chemical properties for young children for compliance with uniform European testing standards and other regulations.

Eco Friendly - Water based Paint

A collection of docs can be found on our website to help you achieve what you need using our product. Assistance by email can be provided if you need it.

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